Billionarie recruitment for space; Lasermotive update

Alan Boyle discusses Pete Worden’s [100 Year Starship][1] initiative: [Billionaires wanted for starship plan – Cosmic Log – Oct.26.10][2]. === The latest update on [LaserMotive][3]’s activities: [What’s up with LaserMotive… – The Space Elevator Blog – Oct.26.10][4]

In an August [press release][5], the company said,

> The demonstration model, which uses a tethered remote-controlled helicopter, is eye-safe and has been designed to fit inside LaserMotive’s booth at the show. In lab tests conducted by LaserMotive, the laser-powered helicopter has flown for nearly two hours, making it the longest duration laser-powered helicopter flight on record. The helicopter will be flown all day long during the four-day Conference, the company said.

I also came across this video in which LaserMotive founders Tom Nugent (President) and Jordin Kare (Chief Scientist) describe the company’s technology and goals:

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